A big thanks to those of you who have joined our alpha playtest weekends. We have something special for you, this time – a space battle where you have team PvP but are also fighting to destroy the other team’s barge ship while climbing up the win/loss leaderboard yourself! And we are testing it in Steam. Pop in on Saturday 16 October for fast-paced action and new in-space functionality.

Age of Ascent - Team Combat in Steam

We have been busy creating an even better gameplay environment with a streamlined UI and more vivid assets. As we are testing in Steam this time, you will be able to download the Steam app and enter the game that way – choosing a new pilot for this playtest (don’t worry, your old account and pilots are still there, and will be available for our next playtest).

As you get into the game, you will be in the expanded hanger with a choice of three great new ships. Review the stats and ship performance, then pick the one you want to pilot and hit the launch button. You will be put into one of the two teams for the match and join the action in space!

There are lots of new things we are testing, so please check out our forum post TEAM COMBAT PLAYTEST 16OCT21 to learn more. You can also follow us on our Discord channel, and at least one of our GMs or DEVs will be manning voice chat there, during the playtest.

Age of Ascent is a multiplayer game set in Humanity’s near future. It features direct-piloting realtime combat on an unparalleled scale, a player-driven economy and multi-device support.

We'll be posting further information about our development progress each week, and we very much hope that you'll take part in the alpha and beta tests of each system. Your contribution and feedback helps us out immensely, and please sign-up to the Age of Ascent mailing list if you want to take part.

Check out the Age of Ascent forums to keep up to date with our progress.

"Age of Ascent is poised to become something special, one of those games that players will point to years down the road and say, 'Yep, that was the one that changed everything'."
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