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Join us for our live-stream Steam playtests!

October 7th, 2020 by GM Warrior Bunny

We are doing live-stream playtests as part of the Steam Autumn Festival.

We are doing a live-stream playtest as part of the Steam Autumn Festival. It is happening Wednesday the 7th of October at UTC 11PM (US Central 6PM, UK 12AM 8 Oct 20).


Our own creative dev, @GM_Cerberus, will be the host for the livestream so you can chat while you hunt him down in space! He will be sharing all kinds of fun facts about the development of Age of Ascent.

However, please do participate in the playtest as a player! To reserve your place for our playtest, sign your pilot up at, if you have participated before and want to use an existing account and pilot name, or if you go through the Steam demo app that is part of the festival, you can sign up with a new pilot (currently if you have used a different authentication method than Steam going via the demo app won’t link your account so you will not be able to use your current pilot name).

Please return to when the next playtest is due to start, and you will be automatically admitted. After the playtest has finished, please come back to this thread to give us your feedback and comments!

We are only running the PvP experience in this live-stream playtest, not the full game. You’ll get the best experience if you have equipment suitable for piloting (eg mouse and keyboard, or a gamepad controller - we do not currently support joysticks, but will in the future)

You’ll need to be in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge web browsers on any OS of your choice

We will also be doing a playtests daily and another livestream with GM’s GM_stormcrow and GM_Cerberus on Saturday 10 Oct 20, UTC 7PM (US Central 2PM, UK 8PM).

See you there!

We may do further playtests based on demand from the festival and will keep an updated list here:

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