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Playtest Weekend Sat 19 Dec 2020 to Sun 20 Dec 2020

December 16th, 2020 by James Niesewand

Playtest Weekend Sat 19 Dec 2020 to Sun 20 Dec 2020

We’re excited to have our first playtest that isn’t PvP pew-pew (fun though that is!) and is designed to introduce you to some of the deeper areas of the game, such as the player-driven economy & ship fitting.

Station Funtion Playtest

This test is focused on what we call ‘docked’ functionality rather than in-space combat; which is why we’re running this playtest from Noon UTC (0600 CST) Saturday 19th December to Noon UTC (0600 CST) Monday 21st December; to give you time to have a poke around under the hood. You won’t be able to undock and fly around during this playtest!

This is an essential playtest to make sure that the functionality we’ve built:

  1. Passes a general sanity check! (eg Do things do what you expect them to do? Do they work the way you’d expect them to work? Do you find game functions in the places you expected to find them?)
  2. Works decently for the widest variety of devices, OS combinations & screen resolutions

We’re specifically asking you to have a look at (and test) the following game components:

We’d really like you to have a good poke at it, and please take notes for anything that doesn’t make sense to you, or that you feel could cause confusion - and then let us know in the forum. We really value any and all feedback - positive or negative - and hopefully we can make the game better!

If you haven’t already created an account, you can sign up.

With very best wishes, and hoping to see you here this weekend,

SC & the AoA Team

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