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ASP.NET Core: Saturating 10GbE at 7+ million rps


Stacktrace improvements in .NET Core 2.1


Corestart 2.0: What's new for performance in .NET Core 2.0
Building Games with Service Fabric
Azure Service Fabric – Brings More Power to Age of Ascent


MVA: Service Fabric Patterns and Practices
A Journey of Optimization - The Saga of Ben's Magic Number
Microsoft MVP Summit 2016
The Future of .NET with Mads Torgersen, Rowan Miller, Immo Landwerth, David Fowler, Karen Ng
Live Q&A: .NET with Scott Hunter, Chris Sells (Google) and Hong-Seok (Samsung)
AoA Shout out in Azure Service Fabric Promo
Video: Ten reasons you’ll love Windows Server 2016: Nano Server
Age of Ascent Build Conference News Roundup!
Service Fabric State Resiliency Considerations
Article: Microsoft at Build: 10 Spoken and Unspoken Messages
Video: Microsoft Cloud Allows Age of Ascent To Handle 50,000 Players in Same Battle
Video: Gaming at Cloud Scale with James Niesewand and Ben Adams
Video: Age of Ascent at the Microsoft Build 2016 Keynote Presentation
Video: Age of Ascent at the Azure Service Fabric for Developers presentation
ASP.NET Core – 2300% More Requests Served Per Second
Podcast: Inside Age of Ascent with Ben Adams


Release Notes Nov 7, 2015
Reduce node_modules recursion and long paths for ASP.NET 5
Using Gulp to Add UTF8 BOM for Windows 10 Javascript Apps
Adventures in High Speed Networking on Azure

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