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Our efforts here were primarily on Linux. And when I say “our”, I’m not just referring to folks that work on the .NET team itself; we had a very productive collaborative effort via a working group that spanned folks beyond the core team, such as with great ideas and contributions from @tmds from Red Hat and @benaadams from Illyriad Games.

Microsoft - Performance Improvements in .NET 5


Take a look… to understand how much, and how deep, these devs will take us into the web, the enveloping world Age Of Ascent and how your browser will simply fade away.

Review, Practical Chrome

Oh man.. look at that! Look at those particle effects just going everywhere…. Oh my god. Sorry. I need to take a second here and take a few screenshots.

Review, Indie Game Magazine

Brilliant… I’m just like ‘oh my god!’…. If you’re a spaceship fan you absolutely have to get in and muck around with this… you should totally get there.

Review, Scott Manley

I’ve always enjoyed Illyriad’s epic scale, but this is not only larger than anything it has ever done… but larger than anything that has been done before… by anyone..


…this will be the MMO equivalent of beating an opponent blindfolded, with your arms tied behind your back, while balancing a tea-cup on your head.

Review, alphabetagamer

The overall feel [of the ingame PvP space dogfighting component] can be best compared to the dogfighting section of Unreal Tournament


… thousands of players from around the world in dogfights across a single, continuous battlezone without sharding or slowing down gameplay… a grand experiment

Review, PCGamer

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