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Live Q&A: .NET with Scott Hunter, Chris Sells (Google) and Hong-Seok (Samsung)

November 16th, 2016 by Ben Adams

Improving Web Servers' State-of-the-Art for Age of Ascent

Join Seth Juarez and his three special guests: Scott Hunter, Microsoft’s Director of Program Management, Chris Sells from Google Cloud Developer Tools and Hong-Seok Kim Vice President of Samsung.

Our very own Ben Adams gets a great mention at 7:25 in this Live Q&A after the Connect() Keynote:

Seth Juarez

I’ve met some of these community members that are making contributions, like Ben Adams on Kestrel making his perf improvements. There’s tons of people doing these awesome things. Its cool the brain trust has expanded to Google and now [Samsung].

Scott Hunter

The Ben Adams thing is great.

If you look today TechEmpower have released round 13. Its is the first round of the TechEmpower Web Benchmark that actually has .NET Core and we show up as number 10 in the plaintext benchmark. Ben Adams is probably responsible for at least half of that.

Seth Juarez

That guy is so unassuming. Such a cool guy. I love that guy.

Watch below, click to play or watch the whole Q&A on Channel 9

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