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Microsoft MVP Summit 2016

November 22nd, 2016 by Ben Adams

A twitter timeline, rest is NDA 😉

A twitter timeline, rest is NDA 😉

It was my first year as a Microsoft MVP and I was invited to the MVP Summit 2016. I didn’t know entirely what to expect.

Corporate meeting in Florida to Seattle was a potential step change in weather!

I was awarded a .NET Challenge coin for my OSS contributions to .NET Core and ASP.NET Core.

You can get one too, they really are open source and open for contributions!

Met lots of great people that I only knew “on the Internet”

Dinner with Damian Edwards, Immo Landwerth, Nick Craver, James Newton-King, Jon Galloway and Jeff Fritz as the US election results came in…

It seemed a new sport was invented “benbaiting”

Great conversations and discussions

Went on a Seattle brewery tour with Kristian Hellang, Justin Rusbatch, Damian Brady, Brendan Forster, Oren Novotny, Rich Lander and Immo Landwerth

As a finale it ended with the MVP Hackathon 2016: Cool Projects from Microsoft MVPs

It was a fantasic event; thank you to the orginisers, presenters (details under NDA) and amazing attendees!

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