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Indie Dev Podcast episode 17 featuring the Illyriad Games team!

December 14th, 2014 by GM Rikoo

The Illyriad Team recently jumped in on the Indie Dev Podcast. Listen as they discuss the day-to-day events of an indie studio!

Listen to the episode here

Illyriad (ih-lih-re-ad) Games is an independent studio based across three continents. Realizing that WebGL isn’t just a pipe dream, they’ve built their latest game on it. Their current title, Age of Ascent, is built on a custom WebGL engine, and is using Azure as a backend, with the ability to scale to 50k+ concurrent users.

Joining me tonight are CTO, Ben Adams, and CEO, James Niesewand. We discuss what it’s like to manage a small team of developers across 3 continents, the importance of managing every last bit of processing power, when it comes to a game that scales to this size, and performance implications across browsers.”

Thanks to the Indie Dev Podcast for their invitation to join the show.

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